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Grass Valley, CA 95949
SCL# 810498

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Robert Cecil's company has been licensed for over 22 years. We owe much of our success and growth to the special relationships we have developed with insurers. We understand that both your company and your insureds are our customers. 

Attitude and Training

We know that in the eyes of the customer we represent you. Claims can be complex and emotional. Our workers are trained to be sensitive and positive when dealing with claimants. All CCI employees meet once month for training including customer service training. Our aim is to treat all customers with respect through a caring attitude that results in an extraordinarily satisfied customer for you and for us. 


CCI has 6 Emergency Response Crews available 24 hours a day everyday of the year.

In an emergency we contact the customer within 1 hour.

We strive to get to the customer to mitigate any damage within 2 hours.

In non-emergency situations we get to the customer's property to inspect the damage within 24 hours or as soon as it is convenient for the customer.

Estimating and Estimates

Whenever practical CCI will complete estimates and return them to you within 5 business days.

Estimates will be produced by a CCI trained estimator using estimation software pricing standard based on national averages adjusted for the specific location.

All estimates will include a diagram of the damaged area including measurements to the nearest inch and the location of the damage. Diagrams are kept on file at CCI and can be reviewed or sent on your request.

Photos are taken with every estimate. Photos are kept on file at CCI and can be sent to you at your request.

Estimates will be made only for areas directly damaged.

A specific cause statement will be included with each estimate.

All measurements will be made to the nearest inch.

If the CCI Estimator is suspicious of a claim, he will not discuss his concerns with the insured, but will contact the adjuster.

Customer Interaction

CCI staff are trained to deal with customers is a sensitive and professional way and never say anything regarding coverage.

A CCI project manager supervises every job. The project manager is someone to whom either the insured or the adjuster may address any questions.

The customer will be kept informed regarding the progress of the project. Both the insured and the adjuster will be notified immediately of any issues or delays.

All CCI personnel will be presentable and professional at all times

CCI staff will wear clothing identifying them as CCI staff.

Quality Assurance

CCI maintains a Quality Assurance program designed to ensure customer satisfaction

The CCI QA program tracks responsiveness, on-time completion, on budget completion, customer correspondence, customer issues, callbacks and change orders.

CCI follows up with a customer satisfaction survey after every job.

CCI guarantees workmanship on all projects for 2 years.