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About pricing a project

1. Systematic Pricing

Estimating the cost of a job is a science, not an art. Today training and tools are available to help eliminate the guess work in pricing a job. Software programs such as Xactimate are used to quantify the materials and time necessary to do the job. CCI estimators have years of building experience and up to 40 hours of specialized training for using Xactimate.

2. Watch out for bids that are too low.

If your bid comes in lower than you expect there could be several reasons:

  • Sometimes you have an inexperienced builder or one that doesn't use a system to cost a job. The result could be unexpected cost overruns that you have to pay for later to get the job done
  • Or perhaps the estimates include lower quality materials in an effort to cut the cost and win the job. The builder should be able explain why they are selecting certain materials and how they will impact the quality, appearance and even safety of your completed job
  • Also, watch out for unlicensed builders. They will explain all the reasons they don't need insurance or a bond. The bottom line is that you have no protection and no recourse with an unlicensed builder if the job goes bad or doesn't get finished at all
  • Finally, watch out for unscrupulous operators that intentionally bid lower than they know the job will cost and then run up your bill later due to “unexpected” additional costs.

 3. Watch out for bids that are too high.

It seems obvious, but if a price seems out of line, get additional bids before you part with your hard earned cash.

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