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10015 Alta Sierra Dr. Suite 1
Grass Valley, CA 95949
SCL# 810498

What if you created the perfect home repair contractor?

If you did, you might make them:

Be available 24 hours a day to help mitigate damage from storms,
Be available to meet with claimants within 24 hours to get the bid and settlement process started,
Not make any representations to insureds about what may or may not be covered,
Require them to follow insurance industry standards, like using Xactimate software, when estimating jobs.

Most construction companies won't meet your criteria, because they don't want to.  Most contractors complain that insurance companies don't pay enough, the jobs are too small and, as you may have noticed, they jack up the price if the job is an insurance claim.

CCI cut its teeth on insurance claims.  We are already the company of choice for AAA, CSAA and others.  In fact, 56% of the jobs we completed last year we done for homeowners insurance companies like yours. 

We understand your requirements and how business needs to be conducted with your clients.  We have 6 emergency crews with fully equipped trucks ready to roll 24 hours a day.   We can get to most emergencies in less than 2 hours and take action to mitigate further damage.  

Of course, we handle non-emergency claims as well.  On your request, we will contact your insured within 1 hour.  Normally, we will get to your customers property within 1 day.  Once we have visited the claim site we use Xactimate software to begin our estimate process immediately.  We usually have our estimate to you within 5 days.    We will never say anything that would lead an insured to believe we were making some representation of coverage.

After that, we make sure that the job is done right.  With your OK and the clients availability, we start work with in 5 days, usually within one day.  We let the client know what to expect, i.e., when we will start, when we will finish.  We also give them our exclusive 2-year warranty on workmanship.

If you need the kind of service we describe here please refer to our Area Map. If you would like to know more about CCI, feel free call or email us.


Robert Ceci

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